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  USD103.0 103.5 
  GBP136.4 137.1 
  CAD80.7 81.2 
  DKK16.3 16.4 
  EUR121.5 122.2 
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Time in Iceland: 10:23 AM
Weather in Iceland at: 08:00 AM
Temperature: 3.9 C°
Wind: 8 m/s.
Temperature: 2.4 C°
Wind: 5 m/s.
Temperature: 2.3 C°
Wind: 9 m/s.
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Dining in Iceland | Restaurants in Reykjavik

dining in iceland & reykjavik

dining in iceland, icelandic restaurants

Dining in Iceland? Icelandic restaurants are a treat, considering the small size of the capital, there is an excellent choice of gourmet restaurants available. In Reykjavík, everyone will find a restaurant catering for their taste - whether Icelandic restaurants, Asian, Japanese, Italian or French or fusion cuisine. We have chosen a sample of restaurants, ranging from medium priced all the way to the high end. Many of the restaurants on this list employ award winning chefs, who have won praise for their innovative cooking and overall skills. Using only the best raw materials available, such as Icelandic mountain lamb and freshly caught fish, they create masterpieces that you will always remember. When in Reykjavík - dine in style!

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